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What We Do

Led by former San Diego City Council member Jim Madaffer, Madaffer Enterprises is a full-service public affairs firm that offers strategic planning and consulting services for clients in California and beyond. The firm stands out for its ability to implement comprehensive, creative outreach strategies while facilitating partnerships with key decisionmakers to produce winning outcomes for clients. When outcomes matter, Madaffer Enterprises delivers.

Our Focus Areas

We’re proud of our history of working with a broad base of clients to engage public affairs efforts on a variety of issues. Over time, our work has led us to specialize in four focus areas that can be summarized with one word: INNOVATION.

Our people love innovative products, services and ideas. We’re passionate about advancing disruptive technologies that improve quality of life, and we spend a lot of time talking to decisionmakers about how they can make “the next big thing” work for them. New innovations often create challenges for regulators, residents and existing services. Madaffer Enterprises prides itself on ensuring its clients are part of the solution.

Emerging Technology

The pace of technological innovation far outstrips the government’s ability to effectively adapt and accommodate the disruptive nature of new businesses, apps and paradigms.Entrepreneurs need help to ensure consumers and governments are prepared to adapt to new advances in connectivity. We’re experienced communicators when it comes to the Internet of Things…

Smart Cities

The exploding interest from local governments in becoming “Smart Cities” has driven an intense interest in how municipalities can use the latest technologies and innovations to provide a better quality of life to residents. Officials are inundated with options, but are often left alone to figure out how to devise a plan that works for…

Energy Innovation

Governments across the nation are struggling to ensure regulations keep pace with the latest technological innovations and paradigm shifts in energy generation. Alternative fuels, sustainable energy sources, distributed generation and advancements in natural gas have fundamentally shifted where the country gets its energy from, what form it takes and how it is used. More than…

Youth Education

A quality education is the foundation of a strong society. Yet, changing the status quo often comes with a host of problems from those unfamiliar with new ways of teaching, learning and doing. The demands of the modern workforce are vastly different than even two decades ago, and schools that offer training in practical job…

Our Services

Madaffer Enterprises provides clients with solutions to complex communications problems. Our comprehensive capabilities ensure that each project benefits from deep, strategic planning matched by impeccable execution. Clients rely on our insight and experience to achieve their desired outcomes – and we always play to win.

Government Relations

Effectively working with government officials and agencies requires a calculated approach backed by experience and strong relationships. We are experienced in condensing complex issues into accessible message platforms that resonate with key elected and appointed officials. Madaffer Enterprises knows how government works, and how to work with key decisionmakers at the City, County and State levels to achieve strategic goals for our clients.

Political Consulting

Madaffer Enterprises brings to bear its extensive experience working on campaigns and political efforts to provide strategic political counsel to clients. The Southern California region is comprised of a byzantine network of interrelated political groups and alliances that would be confusing for most to dissect. We bring an unmatched expertise in helping clients navigate this political environment, forge strategic alliances and execute widespread outreach programs aimed at political advocacy.

Public Outreach

The public often plays a key role in the outcome of projects and few campaigns will succeed without effective communication with members of the public. Madaffer Enterprises engages residents, stakeholders and local community groups to build support for efforts by understanding what motivates them on a personal level. Additionally, we utilize the most recently available research and data to inform both broad-based and targeted strategies, ensuring clients communicate in a language communities can understand.

Media Relations

The media is a key component of the public affairs landscape, one that should always be understood and managed. The Madaffer Enterprises team knows how newsrooms operate and how stories can influence public opinion. Our relationships with key news figures backed by a robust understanding of what’s driving local news cycles means that our client’s messages stand out among the clutter. Clients also have access to effective media training opportunities backed by extensive coaching and guidance along the way.

Association Management

Local organizations and advocacy groups are important voices in representing communities and shared interests. Responsible, inspired stewardship is vital for groups seeking to bring their community’s interests into the local civic dialog. Madaffer Enterprises is experienced with managing and growing organizations into effective public policy advocates and forces for change in their communities. We provide expert counsel on best management practices, fundraising, recruitment, political advocacy and media relations.