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Smart Cities and Connected Communities

Madaffer Enterprises provides clients with solutions to complex problems.

Madaffer Enterprises has found success in highly customizing our approach to each community’s unique profile and needs. Our work to develop a Smart City Strategic Action Plan for the City of Chula Vista has been nationally recognized with an award by the American Planning Association, and our forthcoming Smart + Connected City Strategic Roadmap for the City of Carlsbad is slated to be presented at conferences nationwide as a cutting-edge example of this new form of planning.

Connected Communities...

We believe the future is all about “Connected Communities”

The Smart and Connected City experts at Madaffer Enterprises can help your city or region navigate the ever-growing complexities of creating smart and sustainable communities.

With decades of experience in local government, transportation, urban development and more, we advise policy makers, executives, city departments, developers, and industry on setting goals and priorities and getting the very most value from being “smart”. Our range of services includes developing roadmap strategy documents, transportation and infrastructure planning, cleantech and climate action plan integration and more. Our experts can help craft an individual plan custom tailored for your city or region.

Wireless Technology...

We are at a special time in our history.  Smart Cities.  Connected Communities.  Wireless technology is exploding.  The shared economy and technology emerging now is the stuff of dreams.  Driverless vehicles are in our future.  A new era in transportation is coming.  It’s important to understand the many sectors this will impact over the next decade. 

The term “Smart City” has become wildly popular over the past few years, with the promise that with the right technology, smart cities can improve everything from public safety, citizen engagement, economic development, transportation, and more — all at a lower cost.

The Future of Your City...

What will your City be like 10, 20, or 50 years from now? Considering the technological sea change we’ve experienced over the last decade, how will city leaders best manage the future? How will cities harness the power of innovation to improve quality of life? City leaders need to be ready by planning for the future, capturing and analyzing data, and building the appropriate technology infrastructure to achieve goals – not only of government, but of citizens who are used to technology and will demand more of it from their governments. The experts at Madaffer Enterprises can help position your city to maximize the benefits of this new wave of technology.

We’re at an exciting time in the history of cities:

Sensors, data, drones, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and more that we’ve yet to imagine. You know your city needs a strategic roadmap to achieve your vision of a connected, effective future, but with existing staff burdened with their day-to-day responsibilities, who will do the work of planning for tomorrow?

Madaffer Enterprises is proud to offer smart city consulting services to help local governments build strategic roadmaps toward a stronger, more connected future.

The Firm


The smart city consulting team at Madaffer Enterprises collectively has decades of experience in local government, transportation, technology and sustainability.


As a vendor-neutral consulting firm, we never make product-specific or vendor-specific recommendations. Our consulting work is always in your city’s best interest.


Madaffer Enterprises has earned a reputation for innovation. Our work with the City of Chula Vista earned special recognition from the American Planning Association’s Technology Division.


We firmly believe that effective strategic roadmaps require robust community engagement to ensure the city is working to solve problems that matter most to residents and businesses.

The Process



Educate elected leaders and city staff on best practices and challenges in building smart and connected community strategic roadmaps.


Research and integrate existing policy documents and strategic plans, such as Climate Action Plans, technology use policies and departmental master plans.

Deep Dive

Deep dive in a series of closed-door, individual interviews with department directors and mid-level managers.

Reach Out

Reach out and engage with a representative set of community members and stakeholder groups to identify problems and vet potential solutions.

Draft and Refine

Draft and refine a roadmap that addresses outcomes, goals, initiatives, costs, funding sources, and more.


Build a communications strategy to help constituents, vendors and economic development targets understand the value of the work you’re doing.