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Jeremy Ogul is a Public Affairs Director.

A native of southwest Riverside County, Jeremy earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from UC Davis, where he led the daily student newspaper as an editor for three years. After graduating, he worked for three years as both a freelance and full-time professional journalist in the San Diego area. His freelance work appeared in The San Diego Union-Tribune, Voice of San Diego, The Coast News and He also edited several neighborhood newspapers in San Diego.

In addition to a strong background in journalism, Jeremy has broad experience in public relations, marketing, media relations and public affairs, including pitching and placing stories; managing social media for small businesses and political campaigns; public opinion polling; and developing and deploying messaging strategies spanning op-eds, blog posts, website copy, newsletters and press releases.

As public affairs coordinator for Madaffer Enterprises, Jeremy is responsible for interfacing with clients and implementing strategies to achieve clients’ goals.

Jeremy lives in City Heights and in his free time enjoys reading history, experimenting in the kitchen and exploring the countless cafes, restaurants, bars and craft breweries of San Diego and Baja California.

Jeremy can be reached at (858) 627-0727 ext. 154.